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Quickstep offers Spoken English or Fluent English classes at your free time for multiple languages at all levels. A few of the languages Quickstep offers training are as follows:

Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests

Prepare for IELTS with the British Council's online course Understanding IELTS:
Techniques for English Language Tests. This course will help anyone:

Learning English
Applying to universities in English-speaking countries
Thinking of studying, working or moving abroad, especially where English is used
Planning to take an English language proficiency test, particularly IELTS
looking to improve their IELTS score

  • English Language Course

    1 to 12 months
  • Career English
  • Professional English
  • Cambridge University Certificate Exams
  • Other internationally recognized exams
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  • Foreign Language Course

    1 to 12 months
  • French, German, Japanese
  • Arabic, Brazillia Portuguese
  • Croation, Catalan, Danish
  • Finnish, Greek
  • Hungarian, Italian, Lao
  • Malay, Norweign, Persian
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Most beginners want to Learn English easily and quickly!

You learn to speak English through practice. But you need to practise under a teacher. Your teacher will teach you new words and help you to improve your accents. You will also learn basic rules of grammar and you will be able to speak English without mistakes. The English speaking course consists of 5 levels.

This English Language course is for the people who strive to speak English fluently.

Quickstep conduct classes on spoken English at three different levels - from beginner to advanced..

Level 1: Pre-basic & Basic

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Advanced

Students Section

Learn daily vocabulary, understand importance of English language course

Foreign Nationals

Foreign students benefit in learning english language and also about Indian culture

Corporate Training

Quickstep has conducted various training from School to MNC companies


Klik2learn, partner of Quickstep, is known for its research in language

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Earn Profit, Establish your own brand name and solve a complex social problem

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Try out to check your proficiency in the various languages

Our Services

Quickstep offer training at all levels including Foreign Languages, Corporate Training, Placements. A lot of students across world have also benefited from Quickstep training. We also cater the need of Corporate in all major foreign languages. As we witnessing increase in the demand for the skilled language specialist, corporate prefers for in-house training for their employees. And we do help the corporate to design the courses and plan the training according to their project requirement. This helps them save time and in terms of monetarily.



Languages at all levels including Foreign languages including private classes


Corporate Training

Quickstep helps students to get visa and also other support if required



Many students taking courses at Quickstep gets placements in companies


Foreign Nationals

Students from across world learn English language and also get benefit of knowing Indian culture during their stay in India


Story Telling and Story Making

Quickstep trainers provide FREE story telling for the students


Be our Associate

Earn Profit, Establish your own brand name and also solve a complex social problem for Economic growth

Our Skills

Quickstep has trained several students on communication on multiple languages including Business English and Foreign Languages. We also develop courses on various soft skills including telephone etiquettes, Interview skills, Email writing, Decision Making, Image management, Presentation skills and many more...

Corporate Training


Foreign Languages


Interpersonal Skills


Communication Development


Why People like us?


Students at our Centers

Summer camps are the most awaited holidays. This is the time children show their hidden talents and make new friends at Quickstep.

FREE training was given to Quickstep New Associates before they started their centre at their respective locations. Extensive 5 days workshop was conducted by experienced trainers.
Storytelling and story-making is widely used for educational purposes. Stories are informal learning tools for developing emotional wellbeing and academic performance of the student.

Our Vision

Quickstep to be known as most preferred Training Provider in the country, in the field of Language, Vocational, Corporate and Certificate Course Training.



Providing Outcome Based Cost Effective Training. Providing Training after carrying out need analysis in corporate sector. Providing in House Training



We have books of all levels and of all languages (English, French, German, Spanish). You can purchase Quickstep books online at Flipkart.


Teaching Methodology

Students at Quickstep are initially assessed based on their purpose of learning the language and the course structure is designed as per the student need. At Quickstep, the course is student centric.


Our Trainers

Teachers at Quickstep are expertise on various languages. They are driven by Students needs. Each and every Trainer at Quickstep brings their own expertise with a very good qualification and experience which makes Quickstep a success.



I am very thankful of all staff members of this institute. My teacher also supports me a lot not only related to course content she gives us personal advice that how can be we adapt professionalism. I am feeling confident to talk.

-Aparajitha / Student

ich habe gute erfahrung . danke

- Student

Our Clients

In the span of 15 years, Quickstep's major clients are from all the sectors. A few of them are mentioned here...

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