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American Words vs. British Words

Top 5 lists of American English words vs British English words

Just in case you are wondering if a bag of chips tasted any different from a bag of crisps, you’re not alone! Add cookies and biscuits to your list of confusion too. And we’re back again! The rope gets tugged yet again between the countries on either sides of the Atlantic. Yes! You guessed it right! You are stuck again with the never ending differences between the American English words and the British English words. When it comes to American English words vs. British English words there are so many observable differences.

Same concept, different words!

The language is the same and so is the concept, yet some words are so different in American English and British English.

Here are the Top 5 lists of American words vs. British words:

The Americans vs. Britons Clothing List
“I know a polo neck dress. What in the world is a turtle neck?!”

American English British English
Pants Trousers
Underwear/ panties Pants/ knickers/ underwear
Vest Waistcoat
Undershirt Vest
Sneakers Trainers
Diaper Nappy
Turtle Neck Polo Neck
Bathing suit Swimming costume

The Americans vs. Britons Driving List
But I thought cars ran on petrol? Do they run on gas too???”

American English British English
Cross walk Zebra crossing/ pedestrian crossing
Freeway Motorway
Truck Lorry
Gas/ gasoline Petrol
Sidewalk Pavement
Detour Diversion
Fire truck Fire engine
Parking Lot Car Park

The Americans vs. Britons Food List

    “But I don’t want jelly! I want Jello. Jelly is eaten with bread and I don’t want that!”
American English British English
Jelly Jam
Jello Jelly
French Fries Chips
Potato chips Crisps
Eggplant Aubergine
Popsicle Ice lolly
Candies Sweets
Broil Grill
Biscuit Cookie
Scone Biscuit
    The American vs. Briton Sport List
    “It’s the season of soccer! Or is it Football?”
American English British English
Soccer Football
Baseball Rounders
Paddle (ping pong) Bat (table tennis / TT)
Potato chips Crisps
Eggplant Aubergine
Popsicle Ice lolly
Candies Sweets
Broil Grill
Cookie Biscuit
Scone Biscuit

The American vs. Briton Things-around-home List home List
“I was instructed to run the bath. So I ran!”

American English British English
Fill the tub Run the bath/ draw the bath
Faucet Tap
Trash can Dust bin/ Bin
Sofa Couch/ sofa/ settee
Closet Wardrobe
Backyard/ Yard Garden
Television/ telly/ TV TV/ Television
Range/ Stove Cooker

But don’t worry too much. Whether you are watching the telly with a bag of crisps or chips, you’re bound to enjoy your snack anyway! Just use the right word at the right place.

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