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About Book Direct


Book Direct is a publishing house for Quickstep English Centre, Bangalore. Founded in 1995, Quickstep offers training especially in English learning and corporate training and soft skills. It has received the NABET accreditation and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Quickstep helps candidates to prepare for English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and BEC. It’s unique and experienced approach on how to learn English easily has helped people in India and other parts of the world.

  InfoEnglish- English for IT Professionals  

InfoEnglishLearn to speak IT English or English used in the IT sector by IT professionals. This book is really useful for IT professionals. IT English is an area of Business English which focuses on the English used in different areas of the IT sector.

This book is designed to meet the communication needs of IT professionals. It focuses on IT vocabulary and commonly used expressions in the IT sector. It has a lot of activities and examples to help you in using IT English correctly.

It has been designed by experienced trainers and can be used as a classroom text and for self-study.

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Accent Neutralization  

Accent-NeutralizationLearn accent neutralization the easy way. This book is designed to help you to speak English in a neutral accent.

It includes problems in spoken accent; vowel and consonant sounds; problematic consonants; word stress; intonation; word & sentence stress and a list of phonetic sounds. All the topics include practice exercises with answers.

It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and serves as an effective aid in accent neutralization. It can also be used for self-study.


  Writing Skills   

Writing-SkillsLearn writing skills in English. Learn important areas of writing in English, including resume writing, writing cover letters and writing business letters and Emails.

This book has a very simple explanation and covers all the important points and tips to improve writing skills in English.

It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve writing skills very effectively. It can also be used for self-study.

  Telephone Skills     

Telephone-SkillsLearn telephone skills and improve your overall telephone etiquette. This book is designed to teach telephone skills in a very simple manner. It gives tips on various areas of telephone etiquette, including being prepared for a call; receiving calls, gathering and recording information; giving information; clarity of voice and speech over the phone; making and handling complaints about the phone and ending a conversation.

It also contains a useful checklist for a quick understanding of telephone manners and skills. There are useful exercises and plenty of scenarios to give you a good idea.


  Presentation Skills   

Presentation-SkillsLearn to make presentations the easy way. This handbook contains very useful tips on making good presentations. It helps you understand the objective of making PowerPoint presentations; the audience; use of pictorials in presentations; content preparation, summarizing and ending presentations.

It also contains useful practice exercises with answers, a checklist of useful phrases for making a good presentation and scenarios where presentations are usually made. It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve presentation skills very effectively.


  Interview Skills   

Interview-SkillsLearn interview skills and prepare for important interviews. This book serves as a very useful guide to help you prepare for job interviews. It gives you pointers and tips on grooming, time management, and overall etiquette while attending interviews.

There is a separate section on group discussions and how to prepare for it. It has useful practice exercises, a self-check form, a list of frequently asked questions and common reasons for failing interviews.  It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve interview skills very effectively.

Call Centre Training

Call-Centre-TrainingThis unique book is a pre-selection training manual to help you prepare for job interviews in call centers. Call centers have opened up large avenues for employment. This book is extremely useful if you want to know how to perform in the interview when you apply to a call center for a job.

It gives an overview of the call center industry and provides a detailed input on the selection and recruitment process involved. It has exercises for practice. It is being used effectively by trainers in classrooms and can also be used for self-study.

  Social English 

Social-EnglishLearn social skills and improve your personality. This book is aimed at personality development and improvement of social skills. It gives excellent tips on various social skills, including making conversation, overall etiquette and manners to mind while speaking. It also gives information and advice on areas such as, assertive

It has useful exercises to help you understand even better. It is being used by various trainers and life-coaches for many years now and is proven to an effective teaching aid. It can also be used for self-study.