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Communication in the corporate sector

Corporate communication is very different from general communication. One of the most critical areas of corporate training is communication. The Corporate English Course is designed mainly to handle the communication needs of the employees in your company at various levels.

This program can be altered to suit the needs of the employees at various levels in your organization. The Corporate English Course can be integrated into the overall corporate training program. Alternatively, we could offer you just this course separately if your training needs are just for improving communication of your employees.

Overview of the Corporate English Course

The Corporate English Course includes various forms of communication. The employees can be trained on all or any of the forms of communication.

Here’s a broad outline of what your employees will be trained on:

Email Writing

  • Business Emails
  • Emails in IT Sector
  • Other Corporate Emails
  • Layout of Email Writing
  • Useful Email Phrases
  • Common Mistakes in Business Emails
  • Common Mistakes in Emails in IT Sector

Telephonic Conversations

  • Handling official calls
  • Conversation skills on phone
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Teleconferencing
  • Mechanical/Physical barriers

Improving communication skills

  • Effective Listening
  • Speaking on stage
  • Overcoming barriers to communication

External Communication

  • Handling requests and enquiries
  • Complaints and grievances
  • Communication with clients
  • Spontaneous speaking
  • Practices for external communication plans

Internal Communication

Oral Communication
    • Face to face communication
    • Presentations and Meetings
    • Group Discussions
    • Body Language and Attitude
    • Written Communication
        • Memo
        • Notice
        • Circulars
        • Minutes
        • Reports

Quickstep’s Corporate English program can be customised to suit individuals and educational institutions also.