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About Book Direct


Book Direct is a publishing house for Quickstep English Centre, Bangalore. Founded in 1995, Quickstep offers training especially in English learning and corporate training and soft skills. It has received the NABET accreditation and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Quickstep helps candidates to prepare for English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and BEC. It’s unique and experienced approach on how to learn English easily has helped people in India and other parts of the world.

  Easy Vocabulary   


Learn and improve vocabulary in English. This book helps in improving vocabulary easily and effectively by reading, solving interesting activities like crosswords and anagrams and through comprehension passages.

Each comprehension passage in this book is very interesting to read. There are many words underlined for easy reference to help in vocabulary-building. There are also interesting activities and exercises at the end of each passage.

The key to all the activities and answers are provided to help you crosscheck. It has been designed by experienced trainers and can be used as a classroom text and for self-study.

  Easy Spelling    


Learn to spell in English the easy way. This handbook is a blessing for those who wish to learn spellings of words in English that are tricky and confusing.

It contains some really useful tips to understand and remember spellings in English. This book can go a long way in helping you master spellings in English the easy way. The rules are explained in simple English.

The book also introduces you to new words and has excellent exercises with answers. It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve spellings very effectively. It can also be used for self-study.



Learn the basics of English grammar. This handbook is more like a simple guide to help you understand the essentials of English grammar in a fast and simple way.

The topics include articles, prepositions, verb tenses, modal verbs, voice of the verb, degrees of comparison, phrasal verbs and irregular verbs.

Each topic also has practice exercises with answers. It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve basics of English grammar very effectively. It can also be used for self-study.


  Fun with English     

Fun-with-EnglishLearn to speak English in different situations by using the right expressions at the right time.

This unique book covers so many interesting topics, such as, hosting a TV show; self-introduction and introduction of friends; storytelling in English; making polite conversation; English in sports; English for debates; common idioms and phrases in English and so much more!

It is fun to read and has interesting activities to solve. It is being used by trainers in classrooms for many years now and is known to improve and understand English in a fun and interesting manner. It can also be used for self-study.


Positivity. A Way of Life  



Equip yourself with the skills and values necessary to cope with the different challenges in life. It has been developed by The Department of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka, and the curriculum content is based on the World Health Organization’s paradigm of health and wellbeing.

It covers all the major aspects of wellness as well as life skills needed by students when they step out of the academic world. It enhances employability of students and also boosts their confidence levels.

It increases their self-awareness and helps them maintain their self-respect. It is written with very clearly and has plenty of activities.