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Smooth study experience

In addition to providing accommodation, there are many other factors that make an international student’s visit to India interesting and useful. Quickstep aids its students in various ways to help the student and also make it an interesting experience.

    • Airport Transfers: Upon arrival, the student can opt for the airport transfer service provided by Quickstep.
    • Mobile phone connection: Quickstep helps the student in getting the mobile phone connection for local use.
    • Bank Account: Quickstep helps the student with necessary formalities in opening a local bank account.
    • Doctor Care: Quickstep aids the student in finding a good doctor to attend to health issues, if any, during the stay in Bangalore.
  • Know more about Bangalore: Students can opt for taking a tour a tour of the Bangalore city conducted co by Quickstep, to orient themselves.
  • Study Opportunities: Counselling is provided to students about various study opportunities available in Bangalore.
  • Work as you study: Bangalore is a land of opportunities with plenty of prospects for aspiring students to work as interns with reputed firms in the corporate sector. This helps students not only in earning while studying, but also in gaining exposure to the working environment of the professional sector. Quickstep aids students in securing internships with reputed firms in Bangalore.
  • Educational Tours: Students can opt to be part of educational tours including visits to various industries and historical sites in India conducted by Quickstep as per their requirements.
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